SAN JOSE, CA JULY 11, 2023   AVCC, a global automated and autonomous vehicle (AV) consortium that specifies and benchmarks solutions for AV computing in the automotive industry, announced today a broad strategy update designed to accelerate the development and deployment of automated and assisted driving technologies.

Since its founding, AVCC has focused its efforts on successfully delivering technical reports for system architectures and requirements for automated and AV computing, including cybersecurity, functional safety, and building-block interconnects. Moving forward, AVCC is excited to broaden its focus to include intelligent-vehicle software-defined technology and to extend its reach beyond the role of a traditional technical consortium by introducing two new strategic partnership efforts to its strategy.

As part of this strategic update, AVCC will:

  • Expand the focus beyond AV computing to include intelligent-vehicle software-defined technology
  • Partner with technical groups capable of productizing the concepts for the benefit of the industry
  • Partner with related consortia to eliminate redundancies, leverage complementary work, and increase the overall value delivered
  • Continue to foster a collaborative community of OEMs and automotive, semiconductor, and software suppliers in the automotive industry to accelerate time-to-market and lower overall costs

“This new broader strategy places AVCC in a unique position,” said Armando Pereira, President of AVCC. “The first step of this strategy is to work with organizations capable of implementing the technical concepts we specify, and the second is to align with complementary consortia to form a bigger virtual organization delivering better ROI to our member companies.”

The strategy will continue to include AVCC’s innovative technical requirements documents, which can be downloaded on its website. The broader strategy is already manifesting in a number of places, including AVCC’s recent announcement of its partnership with MLCommons to develop the first automotive machine-learning benchmark suite.

“AVCC is a key market enabler for intelligent-vehicle, software-defined technology focusing its activities on system architectures and requirements for AV computing that will benefit all automotive industry stakeholders,” added Pereira. “Our members recognize that, as the level of vehicle autonomy increases, so does the complexity of the technology and the software content in each generation. These factors make it impossible for a single automotive company to develop a complete proprietary IP portfolio to compete in the AV market.”

AVCC brings its new multi-prong strategy to leverage industry collaboration and foster cooperation even between traditional competitors. It focuses its efforts on developing non-differentiable solutions that aggregate contributions from all its members and deliver solutions that benefit the entire community. This strategy enables its members to focus on differentiable IP building blocks while benefiting from economies of scale, reusability, and shorter time-to-market.  The consortium is continuing to expand its membership and constantly introducing new members to this strong collaborative environment.

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About AVCC

AVCC is a global automated and autonomous vehicle (AV) consortium that specifies and benchmarks solutions for AV computing, cybersecurity, functional safety, and building block interconnects. AVCC is a not-for-profit membership organization building an ecosystem of OEMs, automotive suppliers, and semiconductor and software suppliers in the automotive industry. The consortium addresses the complexity of the intelligent-vehicle software-defined automotive environment and promotes member-driven dialogue within technical working groups to address non-differentiable common challenges. AVCC is committed to driving the evolution of autonomous and automated solutions up to L5 performance.