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Why Join AVCC?

AVCC offers a premier opportunity for those in the automotive ecosystem to join and network with OEMs, Tier 1s, semiconductor, and software companies around the same table. Regardless of the size of your organization, AVCC values every voice; every vote counts equally. Members access best practices in advance and help shape recommendations. AVCC membership demonstrates your organization’s commitment to advance the assisted driving and AV industry, collaborate on a common plan to unify the industry and ensure the safety of AV vehicles.

Benefits of Joining AVCC

  • AVCC is the first time an organization brings together OEMs, Tier 1s, semiconductor and software companies and more, all at the same table
  • AVCC offers the unique ability and opportunity to network in one place – committee and working group meetings, virtual events, in-person events, and social gatherings
  • No matter how big or how small your organization, AVCC membership gives you a voice – every vote counts equally (one company, one vote); in day-to-day activities, everyone has an equal say
  • AVCC members gain early access to best practices and recommendations as you collaborate in developing them
  • AVCC membership will boost your visibility showing your company’s commitment to the advancement of AV and cooperation for the benefit of all and signal that you are serious about AV
  • AVCC members share a common understanding AV and ADAS – working together to develop a common plan (even with different perspectives and terminology) equals a common-sense approach to keep the industry on the same page

Current Members

How to Join

We have several levels of membership available to meet a variety of needs.

board seat guaranteed


eligible for board seat (by election)


eligible for board seat (by election)


fewer than 150 employees
eligible for board seat (by election)


Automotive Benchmark:
joint MLCommons project only

1. Meet with AVCC

We are happy to answer your questions about AVCC membership and review the benefits and membership levels. Email us today!

2. Download, Complete and Submit the AVCC Application for Membership

To apply for membership into the AVCC, please download our membership application. When complete, return the membership agreement and paperwork. For a summary of membership categories and privileges, click here.

3. AVCC Reviews the Membership Application for Approval

All new prospective members go through a simple approval process.

4. Join AVCC Committees & Groups

Congratulations! AVCC’s goal is to empower your company representatives with everything they need to be productive and successful while participating in the organization and its activities. You will now have access to our private portal including all documentation, recommendations, events, and calls.