SAN JOSE, CA – JUNE 15, 2023 – AVCC, a global autonomous vehicle (AV) consortium that specifies and benchmarks solutions for AV computing in the automotive industry, today announced the addition of Selika Josiah Talbott, a leading industry voice for responsible investment, engagement, and preparation for new mobility, including autonomous vehicles.

With extensive experience in the transportation industry, Talbott joins AVCC as Director of Special Projects, bringing invaluable insights and guidance to the organization. Having worked at the forefront of the industry for many years, she has a deep understanding of the complex challenges and opportunities in the development of autonomous vehicles. Her strong technical background, coupled with her strategic vision, legislative experience, and strong voice in the industry, will help propel AVCC toward achieving its goal of becoming a key market enabler for intelligent-vehicle software-defined technology.

“Transportation is Mobility and Mobility is Freedom™. I firmly believe that autonomous vehicles are a necessity to ensure the movement of people and goods not just in the United States but around the world,” said Talbott. “In order to have widespread reliable service, we must have technology that we trust and that comes from a strong industry engagement in developing consensus and methods to benchmark the available options.  AVCC’s work in benchmarking and security are just two examples.” 

“We are thrilled to welcome Selika to AVCC,” said Armando Pereira, President of AVCC. “With her extensive background in transportation and mobility and broad experience in the autonomous vehicle industry, we will work together to drive our collective efforts to advance automated and assisted driving technologies. We are confident her contributions will help carry out the organization’s strategy.”

Talbott’s addition to AVCC further solidifies AVCC’s position as a leading organization in the autonomous vehicle industry, establishing standards and fostering collaboration. Her unique perspective and expertise will undoubtedly help AVCC to build relationships with key decision-makers in the AV ecosystem. Among Talbott’s responsibilities is representing AVCC at selected tradeshows and conferences to establish the organization as the industry reference for AV software-defined automotive technologies.

In addition to her new role as the Director of Special Projects for AVCC, Talbott is the Founder and CEO of Autonomous Vehicle Consulting. She is well known as a leading industry voice for responsible investment, engagement, and preparation for New Mobility, including robot delivery, autonomous and electric vehicles, and self-driven freight. Selika earned her J.D. from Hofstra Law School and received a B.A. in Political Science from SUNY at Stony Brook. She served as the Deputy Administrator of the Motor Vehicle Commission for the State of New Jersey as a Gubernatorial appointee. Most recently, Selika served at the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as the Senior Advisor to the Administrator. She earned a Certification in Federal Execution Leadership from American University and a Certification in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University.

About AVCC

AVCC is a global autonomous vehicle (AV) consortium that specifies and benchmarks solutions for AV computing, cybersecurity, functional safety, and building block interconnects. The AVCC is a not-for-profit membership organization building an ecosystem of OEMs, automotive suppliers, and semiconductor and software suppliers in the automotive industry.  The Consortium addresses the technical challenges of the AV environment and promotes member-driven dialogue within working groups to address non-differentiable common challenges.  AVCC participates in the evolution of autonomous and automated solutions moving towards L5 over the next decades. 

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