SAN JOSE, CA – JUNE 15, 2023 – AVCC, a global autonomous vehicle (AV) consortium that specifies and benchmarks solutions for AV computing in the automotive industry, announced today that Doug Newcomb is joining the team as its Outreach Ambassador, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience that will reinforce the organization’s commitment to advancing the development of automated and assisted driving technologies.

As an influential thought leader and experienced journalist, Newcomb has been at the forefront of the automotive industry for over three decades. His deep understanding of emerging technologies and their impact on the transportation sector has made him a sought-after authority on autonomous vehicles, electric mobility, and connected transportation systems.

“At a time when computing, software, and vehicle automation are playing increasingly crucial and symbiotic roles in automotive, I’m thrilled to join AVCC to help support and further the organization’s mission,” said Newcomb. “With autonomous technology’s potential to reduce accidents and save lives and reduce congestion and save fuel, it’s more important than ever for industry stakeholders to coalesce and develop consensus to scale innovation and lower costs quickly.” 

“Doug’s exceptional track record and dedication to promoting innovation align perfectly with the AVCC’s vision to become a key market enabler for intelligent-vehicle software-defined technology,” said Armando Pereira, President of AVCC. “His participation in the AVCC will significantly enhance the organization’s ability to create a collaborative community within the autonomous vehicle industry, grow our membership for increased collaboration, and expand our reach.”

Newcomb’s appointment to the AVCC is a significant milestone for the organization, as it strengthens its efforts in shaping the future of autonomous vehicles through technological consensus around non-differentiable IP blocks. His vast expertise in the field will be instrumental in inspiring membership growth, participation, and adoption of AVCC projects around the globe. Some of Newcomb’s responsibilities as the Outreach Ambassador include starting conversations and building relationships with different stakeholders in the automotive industry and connecting them to the Outreach Committee.

With Newcomb’s addition to the team, the AVCC is confident in its ability to accelerate the rollout of autonomous vehicles at scale and to encourage leading automotive companies to support and contribute to engineering projects and production of technologies. The consortium remains dedicated to fostering collaboration, promoting innovation, and ensuring the safe and efficient deployment of autonomous vehicles for the benefit of all.

Newcomb is a recognized expert on the subject of car technology within the auto industry and among the automotive and general media, as well as a frequent speaker at automotive and consumer electronics industry events. Newcomb began his career in 1988 at the car stereo trade publication Mobile Electronics before serving as editor of the leading consumer magazines covering the topic, Car Audio and Electronics and Car Stereo Review/Mobile Entertainment/Road & Track Road Gear, from 1989 to 2005. In 2005, he started his own company, Newcomb Communications & Consulting, to provide content to such outlets as Road & Track, Popular Mechanics, Wired, MSN Autos, and many others. In 2008, he published his first book, Car Audio for Dummies (Wiley). He’s also served as an editor at and contributing editor for MotorTrend, Automobile, and Autoblog. In 2013 Newcomb co-founded C3 Group to produce events in New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and at SXSW in Austin to bring together thought leaders from automotive, technology, policy, and media. C3 Group was acquired by Wards Intelligence/Informa in 2018. He currently heads Newcomm LLC that provides content and consulting to a variety of automotive, media, and technology companies. 

About AVCC

AVCC is a global autonomous vehicle (AV) consortium that specifies and benchmarks solutions for AV computing, cybersecurity, functional safety, and building block interconnects. The AVCC is a not-for-profit membership organization building an ecosystem of OEMs, automotive suppliers, and semiconductor and software suppliers in the automotive industry.  The Consortium addresses the technical challenges of the AV environment and promotes member-driven dialogue within working groups to address non-differentiable common challenges.  AVCC participates in the evolution of autonomous and automated solutions moving towards L5 over the next decades. 

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