SAN JOSE, CA and CAMBRIDGE, UK JULY 19, 2023 – AVCC®, a global automated and autonomous vehicle (AV) consortium that specifies and benchmarks solutions for AV computing in the automotive industry, has joined the Scalable Open Architecture for Embedded Edge (SOAFEE) initiative, an industry-led Special Interest Group (SIG) aimed at bringing open, standards-based architecture for the software-defined vehicle and modern software development techniques into the automotive industry.

Founded by Arm and other industry leaders across the automotive supply chain, SOAFEE creates an opportunity for the traditional automotive industry and the software development community to come together and share their expertise, technologies, and products as the future of the software-defined vehicle continues to be defined. This model of collaboration is aligned with AVCC’s core belief that cooperation is the only path to AV success. As a new member of the SOAFEE SIG, AVCC will contribute to the goal of leading and defining the cloud-native development paradigm required for a new era of efficient edge workloads.

“By becoming a member of the SOAFEE SIG and participating in working groups, we hope to help shape the next generation of software-defined vehicles and accelerate the go-to-market in the automated and autonomous vehicle industry,” said Armando Pereira, president of AVCC.

SOAFEE builds on Arm® technologies to add cloud-native concepts, like container orchestration, while introducing functional safety, security, and real-time capabilities required for automotive workloads. The collaboration between AVCC and SOAFEE brings together expertise from diverse domains and advances their complementary areas of work.

“We’re excited to participate in technical working groups alongside automakers, system integrators, semiconductor suppliers, independent software vendors, and cloud technology leaders to successfully move automated vehicles from a realm of possibility to reality,” said Giuseppe Rosso, board chair of AVCC. “AVCC will bring in the automotive system architecture know-how that can be combined with the cloud-native software architecture driven by SOAFEE SIG.” Giuseppe Rosso also serves as a vice president for business development at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

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About AVCC

AVCC is a global automated and autonomous vehicle (AV) consortium that specifies and benchmarks solutions for AV computing, cybersecurity, functional safety, and building block interconnects. AVCC is a not-for-profit membership organization building an ecosystem of OEMs, automotive suppliers, and semiconductor and software suppliers in the automotive industry. The consortium addresses the complexity of the intelligent-vehicle software-defined automotive environment and promotes member-driven dialogue within technical working groups to address non-differentiable common challenges. AVCC is committed to driving the evolution of autonomous and automated solutions up to L5 performance.


The SOAFEE initiative is bringing modern software development and deployment methodologies to the automotive industry to enable the software defined vehicle. Formed in 2021, the SOAFEE Special Interest Group (SIG) includes members from across the automotive and software industries, with the governing body members being Arm, AWS, Bosch, CARIAD, Continental, Red Hat, SUSE and Woven Planet.  The SOAFEE SIG is defining an architecture based on open standards to enable cloud-based development and deployment of automotive software functions, and offers both open-source and commercial reference implementations from its working groups and member companies.