By Elizabeth Kao, Chair of the Board of Directors, AVCC 

As we navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of automotive technology, the importance of collaboration and shared innovation cannot be overstated. At the Automotive and Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium (AVCC), we believe that membership is not just a valuable asset—it’s an essential step for any organization aiming to lead in this dynamic field. 

Driving Industry Standards and Innovation 

One of the primary reasons AVCC membership pays for itself is our unwavering commitment to establishing industry standards. In an era where technology is advancing at breakneck speed, the development of unified standards is crucial for ensuring compatibility and fostering innovation. Our members, including OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and technology providers, have a direct hand in shaping these standards, ensuring that their needs and insights are incorporated into the very framework that will guide the future of automotive computing. 


Access to Cutting-Edge Research and Insights 

Membership in AVCC provides unparalleled access to cutting-edge research and insights. Our consortium is at the forefront of exploring and understanding the latest advancements in autonomous, automated and connected vehicle technologies. By joining AVCC, members receive early access to our research findings, white papers, and technical reports, giving them a competitive edge in the market. This access enables our members to stay ahead of trends, anticipate industry shifts, and make informed strategic decisions. 


Collaborative Development and Testing 

The complexity of autonomous vehicle systems requires a collaborative approach to development and benchmark testing. AVCC membership offers the opportunity to participate in joint development projects, pilot programs, and collaborative testing initiatives. These activities not only accelerate the development process but also spread the costs and risks among multiple stakeholders. By working together, our members can achieve more than they could individually, bringing innovative solutions to market faster and more efficiently. 

Networking and Partnerships 

In addition to technical collaboration, AVCC membership opens doors to a vast network of industry leaders, innovators, and decision-makers. Our members benefit from regular networking events, workshops, and conferences where they can forge valuable partnerships, share knowledge, and explore new business opportunities. The relationships built within AVCC often lead to strategic alliances and collaborations that drive business growth and technological advancement. 


Influence and Advocacy 

As a member of AVCC, organizations have a powerful platform to influence the direction of the automotive industry. Our consortium actively engages with regulatory bodies, policymakers, and other industry organizations to advocate for policies and regulations that support the development and deployment of autonomous vehicle technologies. By participating in AVCC, members can ensure their voices are heard and their interests are represented at the highest levels. 

Enhanced Brand Reputation 

Being part of a prestigious consortium like AVCC enhances an organization’s brand reputation. It signals to customers, partners, and investors that the organization is committed to innovation, quality, and industry leadership. This association can be a powerful differentiator in a competitive market, helping to attract new business opportunities and build trust with stakeholders. 

In a field as complex and rapidly evolving as automotive computing, the benefits of AVCC membership are clear. From driving industry standards and accessing cutting-edge research to fostering collaboration and influencing policy, AVCC provides the tools, resources, and connections necessary for success. For any organization serious about leading the future of automotive technology, joining AVCC is not just beneficial—it’s a must-do. 

Joining AVCC is more than an investment in your organization’s future—it’s a commitment to shaping the future of the automotive industry. Together, we can drive innovation, establish standards, and build a safer, smarter, and more connected world. 

I invite you to connect with me directly to learn more about AVCC and discuss how participation may benefit your organization. You can reach me at [email protected]. In the meantime, please see our Members Page here on our website for a general overview. I look forward to connecting with you.

Elizabeth Kao
Chair of the Board of Directors, AVCC