This AVCC paper provides established industry practices and use cases for Image Signal Processing (ISP) to help expedite industry growth of automated and assisted driving vehicles. The variety of correction tools are explained in detail as a part of the overall image processing toolkit.

Contents are:

  • Limited to the ISP domain which starts at the output of the imaging sensors to the output of the pre-processing blocks
  • Provides performance and functional portability recommendations and addresses interoperability requirements of the image formats and image functions
  • Defines how imaging functions pre-process camera data before it is further processed by detection and sensor fusion algorithms


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Figure 0-1 Image Signal Processing Tools & Techniques

This is NOT meant to be a golden implementation of a single ISP recommendation (implementation agnostic).  

This is a base ISP reference document; a guide to understanding the various enhancement modules and options within ISP systems. The document highlights current practices and discusses the impacts of camera choices. This document is meant to be a tool to help grow the AV market; facilitating clearer communication among AV engineers in order to help expedite ISP requirements, technical innovation, valuable partnerships and industry collaboration.

Paper topics include: ISP terminology, ISP modules in AV perception block, ISP latency, camera types for different use cases, camera input interface options, ISP outputs ISP KPIs, ISP industry quality standards