While together in person at AVCC2023, MLCommons and AVCC took the opportunity to capture a photo during a signing ceremony of their legal collaboration agreement formalizing and consolidating the industry’s first Automotive Benchmark joint initiative. Automotive Benchmark members gathered with David Kanter, executive director of MLCommons, and Armando Pereira, president of AVCC, on September 28th and celebrated the work of the two organizations that have come together with the goal to develop the industry standard automotive benchmark suite for use by OEMs, Tier 1s and automotive suppliers using ML technologies.  The suite builds upon the AVCC ML benchmark Technical Reports and the existing MLPerf™ benchmark framework developed by MLCommons. This common set of benchmarks also helps guide the industry’s collective engineering around future platforms, accelerating the development of new capabilities. Development of the automotive benchmark suite is ongoing, and any organizations interested in working together to identify common solutions to common technical complexities are welcome to join. The joint task force provides the industry with certified guidance to make informed decisions throughout the development process. (Read the official press release from earlier this year here.)

AVCC’s Board of Directors and Benchmarks Chair Kasper Mecklenburg join MLCommons Executive Director David Kanter (seated left) and AVCC President Armando Pereira (seated right) in Cambridge, UK at AVCC2023.